max c fields

do it: houston
Alabama Song, Houston, TX
July 26, 27, 2013

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Hans Ulrich Obrist's exhibition do it and the recent release of do it: the compendium, Alabama Song Art Space presents the weekend-long pop-up exhibition, do it: houston. The exhibition, organized by Max Fields and Olivia Junell, features work by twenty-seven Houston-based artists. Artists will present works reinterpreted from the recently released doit: the compendium catalogue as physical objects in the form of paintings, photographs, sculptures, video, and installation, as well as through live performances presented throughout the weekend exhibition.

Conceived in 1993 in a conversation between curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier, do it is the longest running exhibition ever to take place. do it asks hundreds of artists from around the world to contribute original “scores,” i.e. instructions on creating an artwork that are meant to be interpreted and conceived by another living artist. Exhibited in over 50 venues and performed in countries worldwide,do it bridges a connection between artists, institutions, and communities by providing a framework for artistic and intellectual interpretation.

“We were inspired by Hans Ulrich Obrist's curatorial vision and intrigued by the variety of scores written by the artists included in do it: the compendium. Ideas, and in this case different sets of instructions, are always just a starting point. We are excited to see how artists working in our community will interpret the scores and make them their own. The artists featured truly represent Houston's eclectic creative community, and we are excited to be working with them,” say exhibition organizers Fields and Junell.

Artists featured in do it: houston include: Regina Agu, Debra Barrera, Caleb Churchill, Joseph Cohen, Jamal Cyrus, Jack Eriksson, David Feil, Lauren Moya Ford, Joseph Havel, Rachel Hecker, Katy Heinlein, Otis Ike, Jang Soon Im, Erin Joyce, Autumn Knight, Cody Ledvina, Massa Lemu, Gabriel Martinez,  Ayanna Jolivet McCloud, Senalka Mcdonald, Madsen Minax, Mari Omori, Mark Harold Ponder, Davide Savorani, Carrie Schneider, Patrick Turk, and Ronnie Yates.