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Ian Wilson: A Selection of Discussions
Collaboration with artist Ian Wilson for aCCeSsions Issue 4.
Spring 2018

This project was commissioned for the fourth iteration of aCCeSsions, the annual journal published by the Center for Curatorial Studies. 

For the project, Ian asked that I select a number of discussion “notes” from his extensive catalogue raisonne (Van Abbe/MACBA/Mamco Geneve, 2008) that would then be presented online as single lines of text. I made my selection of the following texts based on the minimal amount of contextual information they provide:

There is a discussion.
There was a discussion on the 20th of September 1974.
There was a discussion.
There was a discussion on the 27th of April 1976.
Venerdì 7 maggio 1976 ore 21,30 Discussione di Ian Wilson
There is a Discussion.

Each line of text only references the discussion in relation to the time within which it occurred (or is occurring), omitting all other contextual information, such as who Wilson spoke with, what the topic of the discussion was, and where the discussion was held.

This method of selection, was for me, a way to maintain subjective distance from the project, as I did not want to make a selection based on my interest in the details of who, what, where or why the discussions were held. Instead, I very much wanted to make a selection in the spirit of Wilson’s statement, “The fact of discussion might be more important than what I have to say.” Moreover, even though each certificate documents discussions held during Wilson’s Known and Unknown Discussions (1972-1986), the emphasis on temporal specificity interestingly recalls and extends the subject of his earliest Discussions which concentrated on conceptual notions of time.

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