max c fields

Garage Sale, And So Can You
Suplex H.Q., 2619 Arbor St, Houston, TX 77004
On view: July 9-10, 2016 | 10AM-6PM

For our final Houston presentation, Suplex will present Garage Sale, And So Can You, a group exhibition featuring works by Texas-based artists who are motivated by the urgency to eject one’s self and work into the world; to discover opportunities in forgotten or lost work, and avoid otherwise compounded debts.

A literal fire-sale of artworks and lifestyle commodities, Garage Sale, And So Can You showcases the act of resisting the compulsion to allow artwork and personal artifacts to collect dust, laying dormant in one of Houston’s massive storage centers, closets, or the garage of a close friend. The exhibition is a demonstration of the act of moving on–the life performed–taking form as a complete exhibition and garage sale.

Artworks on display include artists’ back catalogues of work, forgotten series, sketches, and drawings, and fully realized works that otherwise would go without being shown in an institutional context. Each artist has been asked to present their work at prices that are both affordable for the buyer and which allows each artist the ability to afford their art practice. In an art world consumed with the act of giving, this exhibition asks the public to give a little to get back, and then some. Along with the presented work, Curator Max C. Fields will present a garage sale of lifestyle commodities collected during his time spent living in Houston. As a bonus for collecting works, select items from Fields’s collection will be offered at no cost. Does this mean every artwork is a diptych? Does that lamp go well under this painting?

Artists will receive 100% of the purchase price made from the sale of artworks. Sales made from the purchase of Curator Max C. Fields’ private collection will support the Curator; these funds will allow Fields’ the opportunity to pursue a hoity-toity art world education in the fall of 2016.

Artists featured in Garage Sale, And So Can You include: Regina Agu, Debra Barrera, Michael Bise, JooYoung Choi, Joseph Cohen, Danielle Dean, Nathaniel Donnett, Barry Elkanick, Kenya Evans, David Feil, John Forse, Francesca Fuchs, Lane Hagood, Ryan Hawk, Sarah Hill, Hillerbrand + Magsamen, Otis Ike, Erin Joyce, Bradley Kerl, Melinda Laszczynski, Emily Link, Gabe Martinez, Ayanna Jolivet McCloud, Cobra McVey, Dennis Nance, Jessica Ninci, Lovie Olivia, Angel Oloshove, Emily Peacock, Mark Ponder, Robert Pruitt, Bret Shirley, Michael Simmonds, Amy Beth Wright, and Brandon Zech.