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20HERTZ: Jana Hunter How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
August 6, 2015, Performance by Lower Dens August 7, 2015

The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston presents a lecture by Jana Hunter, musician and singer of Lower Dens, in conjunction with CAMH’s music-based lecture series 20HERTZ.Hunter describes the lecture stating, “Music in America and the West in general has a strong tradition of powerful, honest, and simple critiques of injustice. Delivered in some of the best songs written to date, messages have been presented to the listening public in ways that both moved communities and progressed policy. As the world of popular music has grown increasingly commercial, political messages have been relegated to its fringes and all but disappeared. With the help of friends, we'll examine this long and storied history, its effects, the reasons why it's vanishing, and what to do about it.”