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20HERTZ: A World of Our Own: Mydolls and the Houston Punk Scene, 2016
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
July 22 – 28, 2016

The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston is pleased to present a live interview between lauded Texas-based band Mydolls, Dan Workman (Sugar Hill Studios), and Nancy Agin D. (MA Arts Leadership, U of H Candidate). For their presentation, A World of Our Own: Mydolls and the Houston Punk Scene, Mydolls will discuss their nearly four-decade-long career recording, touring, and producing records; their DIY Ethos and cultural impact; and their role as community leaders working to empower women of all ages. Following their discussion, Mydolls will perform a live concert in the Museum gallery. Arrive early to view a special presentation of collected ephemera, band materials, and archived treasures, culled by the Mydolls members in the Museum’s Cullen Education Resource Room.  Admission is free and open to the public, but seating is limited. The curated Mydolls archive will be on view from July 22 to July 28.Part of the music-based lecture series 20HERTZ, this presentation is held in conjunction with Mark Flood: GratestHits.

About Mydolls

The Mydolls are a punk band from Houston, TX formed in 1978 featuring Trish Herrera, Dianna Ray, George Reyes, and Linda Younger. They are inspired by punk ranging from the 1960s-1970s, including Iggy Pop, Magazine,Television, Red Crayola, Thee Raincoats, Velvet Underground, Patti Smith, New York Dolls, among other notable New York-based proto-punk/punk bands. Mydolls recorded its first single, Nova Grows Up/Therapist, in 1980. Its second 45, Exorcist/Imposter, and 12″, Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick, were released on Houston independent label CIA Records (founded by Really Red).In the 1980s the Mydolls were invited to record an interview with the famous London-based tastemaker John Peel formerly of BBC Radio 1. They were also invited to perform in Wim Wenders’s 1984 classic indie film Paris, Texas and performed in NYC at Danceteria for the opening night release party. They have played with notable bands such as Really Red, The Hates, Wild Bores, Introverts, Plastic idols, Recipients, Party Owls, Degenerates, Anarchitex, and Culturcide (Mark Flood’s experimental anti-band).The Mydolls continue to perform around the country. In the Spring of 2015, Mydolls played the North Texas music festival Denton 35 along with the English rock band The Zombies. In the Fall of 2015, Mydolls released a new eight song CD, It’s Too Hot for Revolution.

About the interviewers
Dan Workman began his music career as a charter member of the seminal art/noise/rock band Culturcide. He leveraged his indie rock credentials and continued his work in the mainstream engineering some of Texas’ most notable artists: ZZ Top, Clay Walker, Destiny’s Child, Hubert Laws, and Beyonce. Workman now produces full-time, and is currently working with Kareem Salama, The Southern Backtones, Roky Moon and BOLT!, Winter Wallace, Peek a Boo Theory, Trigger and Some Dudes Named Roy, and The Ton Tons, and is writing with Jeff Walton for Zenfilm. He currently lives in The Heights, Houston, with his wife Christi, daughter Joe Ann, two cats, and a family of raccoons who have learned how to sneak in the cat door. When not making music or spending time with his family, he rides very old motorcycles, very long distances.Wild Dog Archives ( preserves Henry “Wild Dog” Weissborn’s legacy collection of Texas underground music, arts and cultural ephemera. The collection is curated by Nancy Agin D., a graduate student in the Arts Leadership program at the University of Houston. WDA’s mission is to create a narrative for the Gulf Coast’s early punk scene through the collected artifacts of Henry Wild Dog, who launched Houston’s first anarchopunkfanzine in 1979.

About 20HERTZ

20HERTZ is a lecture series conceived around themes of musical influence in everyday life. The series asks artists, musicians, and all-around-creatives to share the music that has influenced them throughout their lives.